Magic Dutch Oven Steak and Gravy

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It truly is magic how delicious this recipe for Magic Dutch Oven Steak and Gravy turns out. It is a quick and simple blend of seasonings, using a choice of two different kinds of meat, then the entire thing is cooked in a Dutch oven for a couple of hours until tender. Using a Dutch oven is an excellent cooking aid. It produces tender meat, wonderful veggies, and great stews, among just a few things you can make using a Dutch oven.

This dish is very quick and easy to put together. Even a new cook could try this recipe with just a little help and oversight. It is a very gratifying dish to make as well, since it always turns out a steak that is sweet, tender, and that just falls off the bone when it is cooked. Serve this steak with smashed garlic potatoes and stir fried mushrooms. Steamed greens can round out the entire dinner. Steak offers plenty of protein and great nutrition. We tend to eat red meat less often than in the past because of the saturated fat that red meat contains. Although we might want to reduce our consumption of red meat, small amounts are really tasty, filling and delicious. So make small amounts and serve lots of vegetables on the side.

This oven steak and gravy is a wonderful comfort dish. The Dutch oven method of cooking the meat creates a delicious gravy that serves up well with potatoes, rice or vegetables. You decide which to serve your family. Make this dinner when you want something extra filling for the family to eat. It is an economical and practical way to provide your family with good food at a good value. Enjoy this Dutch oven steak and gravy soon!

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