Magic Sweet Potato Pecan Bread

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This sweet potato pecan homemade bread recipe is like nothing you've tried before. You might try it for a fun breakfast idea or a dessert recipe depending on your mood. As a fun breakfast idea, you might enjoy it with a cup of coffee, with some fresh fruit on the side. And as a dessert recipe you might have this homemade bread with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of homemade whipped cream, it's up to you. This homemade bread recipe has ingredients like a can of sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie spice and some chopped pecans. When buying canned sweet potatoes, you may find a can that is labelled as yams. That's all right as they are the same thing. Another tip for this homemade bread and dessert recipe is that apple pie spice or cinnamon spice can be substituted for the pumpkin pie spice. This homemade bread recipe makes one loaf of bread, and you are sure to find yourself wanting more. If that is the case, you can consider doubling this homemade bread, as one loaf will be gone before you know it. You might even consider making an extra loaf of this homemade bread, wrapping it and giving it as a gift. You will find this homemade bread and fun breakfast idea at the Harris Sisters GirlTalk site.

Sweet potatoes are a tuberous root vegetable that belongs to the same family of plants as the morning glory. Sweet potatoes are a vegetable that is native to Central America and are considered to be a staple ingredient in many countries. Sweet potatoes have been cultivated in the Southern United States since the 16th century, and they are an especially popular food crop in the American South. You might wonder if sweet potatoes are yams, as the two look similar. Although the names sweet potatoes and yams are often used interchangeably, sweet potatoes and yams are not actually the same. The two vegetables come from different plant species. And to add to the confusion, in the South sweet potatoes are a vegetable that is often referred to as yams, and canned sweet potatoes are sometimes labeled as yams. True yams are seldom grown in the U.S., and although the two are similar in appearance, they do not have as high of nutritional content.

There are several varieties of sweet potatoes to use in your homemade bread and dessert recipes, but only two are widely grown commercially. The most popular sweet potatoes are the pale sweet potato, and the darker skinned sweet potato variety are often called yams. The pale version of sweet potatoes, which has light yellow flesh, tastes similar to a white potato, and has a similar crumbly consistency to the baked potato, whereas the darker skinned sweet potato variety for recipes has a vibrant orange, softer flesh that is sweet. Buying and storing tips for sweet potatoes. When buying sweet potatoes for use in your homemade bread and recipes, choose firm sweet potatoes with no bruises or cracks that are anywhere from small to medium in size. Keep your sweet potatoes in a dark, cool, well-ventilated place, and handle the vegetable with care. Cooking Tips. Like regular potatoes, sweet potatoes used in recipes are always eaten after being cooked. Although sweet potatoes have a sweet flavor, they can also be used in a wide variety of recipes, both savory and sweet dessert recipes. Their flavor pairs well with ingredients like cinnamon spice, lime, honey, ginger, coconut and nutmeg, and marshmallows. Sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative to the white potato and can also be served mashed, baked, fried and roasted.

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