Magic Turtle Bars

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Okay, this recipe is for a lovely, and unbelievably sweet treat. Magic Turtle Bars are loaded with yummy things that we had best limit our ingestion of if our hips are going to have any hope of surviving over Christmas. This is the simplest of recipes, and one that your kids could make (and likely will beg to make because of the ingredients list). The bottom layer is a simple cookie and the rest of the ingredients are just poured or sprinkled on top of the rest. Be sure that the kids distribute the ingredients evenly so that every bite has some pecans, chocolate, and so on.

Pecans might be the saving grace for this high sugar recipe. Pecans are a wonderful nut, tender and sweet, and particularly delicious with some thing as sweet as this snack. Like all nuts, pecans are also packed with great nutrition. One of the best things that nuts like pecans can offer is their ability to slow down the absorption of sugar and help to waylay the sugar spike that so much sugar ingestion can often create. So it is of great value in this sugary sweet. As well, though, people who include nuts and seeds as part of their daily food plan consume a lot more minerals than the average person. That includes calcium, magnesium and other important components to our good health. So learning to include nuts in every day cooking and baking is a great idea. And they fit in easily and well.

This is a magical kids treat, rich and chocolate-y and sweet. The kids will adore it. It comes together so easily that they can even have a big hand in making it, and that will make this dish even more fun for them to prepare and eat. The littlest ones can even help, sprinkling nuts and chocolate chips (although take care they do not eat more than they toss in the recipe!). Enjoy this dish soon.

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