Make A Tea Total Wreath from your Grandmothers old teacups...

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Do you have a large teacup cup collection in your home? If you do, this is one of the diy ideas you can try to make something beautiful out of them. If you have a lot of teacups that you don't really use, but just have around for decoration or for sentimental purposes, there are some creative ways to recycle them instead of letting them sit hidden away in your cupboard. One member from Hometalk had a love for teacups too that started with her Nana giving her her first teacup which was pink with gold on the inside which she still has. So she decided to come up with some diy ideas to put these teacups on display in a very creative way. The entire project barely cost her anything to do, and it was very easy as well, it just requires some patience. This diy idea teaches us how to make a pretty wreath out of teacups.

But first of all, you're going to need a solid base first. Every wreath needs a solid base, but this one really needs a solid base because of how heavy the teacups can get when they're all together.

The Hometalk member Lsherbach who posted this diy idea tried to use a Dollar store wreath base to save some money, but the teacups were too heavy. So instead, she went to the craft store and got a stronger wreath base and then spray painted it white so that it would blend in with the teacups. You can paint your frame any colour you like, depending on the colours of your teacups and use a spray paint to paint it, so it lasts. You can paint it outside on a drop cloth and then allow it to dry completely before bringing it back inside. Before adding the teacups, you can also do as she did and add some matching fabric strips to the top of the frame which will become the hook to hang the wreath. Attaching the teacups is a bit tricky, but she found the best way to do it was with clear Gorilla glue. When she glued each teacup onto the base, she also used clothespins to hold each cup on the frame while the glue dried. It does take a lot of time though, so make sure you've reserved some time to focus on this project. Once all of your teacups are set in place on the wreath base, you can then make some paper flowers as she did to cover up the wire frame.

When you're happy with your wreath just hang it by the hook, you made before and admire your beautiful work. If you don't already have a collection of teacups around, you can also look at antique stores or thrift stores for affordable and beautiful teacups. Also, garage sales and estate sales are great places to look for teacups too. Sometimes you can find them for as little as $1 or less per teacup. If your teacups have tea stains on them, you can also try to clean those off using some baking soda. Just get the inside of the teacup damp and then sprinkle some baking soda on the inside of the cup. Make sure it's covering the brown and stained areas, and then leave it on there for 30 minutes or more. The baking soda will work to brighten the stain, and when you come back and scrub the cup with a gentle scrubbing sponge, you'll notice it will be a lot cleaner. Try out this and other great diy ideas on the Hometalk website.***

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