Make Ahead Carrot Cheesecake Cookie Bars

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Love carrot cake? Love cheesecake? These Make Ahead Carrot Cheesecake Cookie Bars will be a hit for you and your family too! Carrot cake always seems to be a classic favourite for a lot of people, and it's cool because it actually has carrots in it, always fun to have a cake that has vegetables in it! Cheesecake is another all time classic fave too! And people usually do a cream cheese frosting on top of their carrot cake any way, so this combination seems like a match made in heaven! Then with the sugar cookie dough on top, it is just like all of the best flavours combined!

This recipe is from 'Pillsbury', and so of course it will use the Pillsbury products, which are good because they are so easy to make and put together. And the results are always awesome. I love their chocolate chip cookies and their pie crusts, in a pinch. It is always better to make things from scratch, but sometimes you are just so busy and it's nice to have options like this to make once in a while. This particular recipe is great because you can pre make it before the day you need it. Even the night before!

Using the pre made mixes of the carrot cake, and the sugar cookie dough, makes it so quick and the cream cheese spread only needs some sugar in it and it's ready to go! Cheesecake has been around since ancient Greece, and although no one really knows the exact origin of carrot cake, we do know that there was a carrot pudding that was popular in the 1500s. Carrot cake wasn't mentioned in any books or writings until 1783, and this was when George Washington was served a carrot tea cake in Manhattan. Now, we can enjoy the two together! Head over to 'Pillsbury' by following the link in the section below for more!

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