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Winter is coming and so this may be a good time to Prepare Meals Ahead for Sickness Freezer Cooking. Kids come down with all sorts of maladies that set them back for a few days during the winter season. It can set you back, too. So get ready for winter with this approach to freezer cooking. This recipe makes macaroni and cheese that you can either bake and freeze, or just freeze and bake later when you need it. When kids are sick, this dish can sometimes be the only thing they will eat. And it is packed with the good nutrition that you put in to it when you make it up.

Macaroni and cheese can be a life saver recipe, and when you have it in the freezer, and someone comes down with the cold or flu, it can really help you out between running up cups of tea, taking temperatures and administering cold medications to whomever is sick in your house that day. And during the winter, it seems like someone is always sniffling. Consider loading garlic and onions in to your mac and cheese, which are often touted as the cold prevention vegetables. Many dishes can be cooked and frozen, or pre-prepared and frozen to be cooked later. This method can help you out even when days get busy and not just when someone in the house gets sick. It can also help you out if you come down with something. Then the family can still get a good meal, and you can relax and take care of yourself.

Check out this freezer approach to mac and cheese and think about what other dishes you could make to pop in the freezer—just in case. Enjoy this site, too.

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