Make Quick Work of cleaning your Blinds and Shades with these tips

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One of the most dreaded cleaning jobs around the house is cleaning our blinds. We need to be quite meticulous when we clean them in order to get all of the dust off of them and to ensure that we don't bend or break them. There are also different types of blinds which need to be cleaned in different ways as well so Good Housekeeping has shared more of their great house cleaning tips and tricks with us to show us how it's done. The materials blinds can be made out of range from plastic, metal and wood. Some of them are even made of fabric. No matter what you blinds are made out of it's certain that they will collect dust over time and it you don't clean them regularly, they can end up getting pretty dirty. It's not only important to clean your blinds to keep them looking great and functioning well, but too much dust in our homes isn't good for our health, so we have to keep it under control. The air quality in our homes is very important since we spend a lot of time in our homes. The air we breathe inside our homes can contain a lot of allergens like dust, mould spores and dander from pets. Even though there are always going to be small amounts of these allergens in the air inside our homes, it's crucial to keep them as low as possible by using helpful cleaning tips like the ones on Good Housekeeping.

Dust is caused by dust mites which are always found wherever humans are since they feed on dead skin cells. These microscopic mites don't live on our bodies or cause us harm, but they do produce dust which can be harmful in excess amounts. People with allergies or asthma will almost always have a dust allergy, and even people without allergies can experience the negative effects of too much dust in an environment. The symptoms of irritations caused by dust include respiratory issues, sneezing, sinus congestion, itchy eyes and even skin reactions. There is an enzyme in dust that causes a reaction when it comes into contact with moisture in your body and can kill cells within your body. So keeping dust levels low in your home can only benefit and improve your health. You'll mainly find dust gathering on flat surfaces like blinds, table tops, baseboards and under furniture, anywhere it can land and settle. To make sure that you clean dust off of your blinds properly, the cleaning tips on Good Housekeeping will teach you the best way to clean the type of blinds you have.

Usually, you should be able to vacuum the dust off of most types of blinds. This is a great way to pick up any loos dust right away, especially if there is a lot of dust that's been building up on the blinds. You can use a brush or a small hose attachment on your vacuum to gently pick up the dust on the blinds. For any leftover dust, you will have to use a cloth to clean it off. Using a soft cloth with a bucket of warm water is a great way to clean all of the dust off your blinds. Just keep rinsing the cloth regularly as you're cleaning them and refresh your water as needed to keep from spreading the dust. There are tons of other great house cleaning tips and tricks you can try out to clean your blinds really well. Then, once you've deep cleaned them, they will be much easier to keep clean with a simple wipe down each week or two.***

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