Make your home smell like Christmas!

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A good smelling home is everything. Make your home smell like Christmas with these awesome crock pot recipes for simmering potpourri. Walking into a home that smells good just makes you feel so comfortable and right at home. It's especially nice to have your own home smelling great throughout the holidays to get you in the Christmas spirit and for guests to enjoy the pleasant aroma when they stop by. Your home may smell of your living Christmas tree or some baking cookies, or even of the good food that is cooking in the oven, but there are other ways to scent your home with a lasting aroma that subtly lingers throughout the house. Sure, candles can be lovely, but many of them use artificial scents which can tend to be toxic when they are used for too long. You can use soy candles for a healthier option, or you can use all naturally scented wax in a wax burner to scent your home naturally. These great diy ideas for heavenly Christmas scents from One Good Thing By Jillee, offer us another option, to use our crock pot as a simmering potpourri pot.

You may already use potpourri in you home, dried fruits and flowers, pine needles, and spices, but after a while, this can lose it's scent, and sometimes companies even add extra artificial scents to the potpourri. These potpourri crock pot recipes use all natural herbs, spices, and foods to fill your home with the best scents effectively and affordably. The recipes use items you may already have in your kitchen, but all of the herbs and spices are really easy to find at your local grocery store. What could be better than the real thing? It sure beats a manufactured scent of a real food. Another great thing about these simmering potpourri recipes is you will also get the benefits of the healing properties of these plants. Common herbs for natural health include rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender, mint, pine, cedar and fir. Adding fruits like lemon or cranberries to these common herbs for natural health will create an irresistible aroma that will also enhance your wellbeing.

You can also use therapeutic grade essential oils, which are the condensed version of all of these herbs, plants, spices and fruits. The thing is, it can be expensive to purchase all of the essential oils and a proper essential oil diffuser. So, if you already have a crock pot, you can use these diy ideas to make your own essences at home. Aromatherapy is a very powerful natural healing modality that allows you to create a healing atmosphere throughout your house.

People connect to scents through memory, and a scent you smell now, could bring you right back to a time in childhood, bringing to mind happy memories of Christmas and the holiday season. You don't have to limit your use of simmer potpourri to Christmas time either; you can make your house smell great year round and experiment with different herbs, spices, and fruits in your crock pot. Learn how to make crock pot simmering potpourri from Jillee.***

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