Make Your Mailbox the Envy of Your Neighbourhood

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You will want to take a look at this do it yourself home project that will transform your curbside mailbox. This fun DIY idea won't cost you a lot of money and will be the envy of your neigbors. The diy idea in the step by step tutorial is for a fall themed mailbox, but you can change it up anytime of the year for a different theme depending on what season or holiday it is. You will want to take a look at the Hometalk site for the step by step instructions for this do it yourself home project and DIY idea. This diy idea shouldn't take you any longer than 45 minutes to do, and it will cost about $25.

The do it yourself home project starts with a square piece of styrofoam, the one in the step by step tutorial was 4.8 inch by 4.8 inch by 4.8-inch square piece to create this mailbox decoration. What you want to do is to cut out one corner of the square piece of styrofoam and set it aside to save for a future craft DIY idea. That will leave you with a V or an L piece of styrofoam. You then want to take this out to the curbside mailbox. Then with some wires, you want to secure the ends of the styrofoam to the mailbox. You will want to do this when the weather is nice outside as you won't be able to take the mailbox inside with you. In the step by step instructions, a small plastic container was used as a stand-in for the mailbox while the decoration is styled. You can use the wire technique (explained on the site) to attach wires at each end of the v. Later you can use additional coated wires to attach this fall mailbox decoration securely to the mailbox. You can hide the wires with some ribbon and some floral pins if you'd like. The only thing with this is that the pins most likely won't hold this onto your mailbox.

Creating this do yourself home project is the fun part. For the fall mailbox design, you can go to Micheals or the Dollar Store and find all sorts of fall florals and leaves. Once you have your collections of floral items for the do it yourself home project you can begin sticking them securely into the styrofoam. You want to make sure and properly secure them, as you don't want to lose anything because of the weather. Continue to build your outdoor mailbox decoration by adding the faux leaves, and fall florals making sure that you turn your tub around so you can add to all sides. This will be viewed from all sides, so you want to make sure and not make any holes in the arrangement. You can even add in some little pumpkins. Use wood sticks stuck into the pumpkins and then stick into the styrofoam. Sunflowers are another great addition to this do it yourself home project and a nod to the fall season along with some pretty fall mums and autumn colored berries. You can have a lot of fun with this fall do it yourself home project; it is the perfect place to use all those pretty fall decorations you have. Some of the materials you will need for this DIY idea include styrofoam square, faux fall leaves, faux pumpkins and faux fall picks.

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