Make Your Own Citronella Candle

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Citronella products keep getting more and more popular because they are so effective. But it can also get expensive to keep them on hand. Learn how to make your own citronella candle and cut costs while still getting the same great protection and smell. You may have to buy a few ingredients to put this candle together, but it is worth knowing what sort of ingredients your family will be inhaling. And these should not cost much.

Citronella comes from the oil of the same name. It is made from a grass that grows in Asia, lemongrass. It is used in Asian cooking where its light lemony flavor can infuse a soup, stew or other blend of ingredients. Citronella is also known to calm barking dogs and to keep pets off the furniture where citronella has been applied. Some 4000 tons of citronella oil are produced and exported each year, about 40 percent of it from China and Indonesia. For a brief period of time, Health Canada banned the oil’s use in that country, but lifted the ban in 2015.

Citronella oil is used as a natural insect repellent for mosquito including the dengue fever mosquito. Further research shows citronella oil is also effective against body and head louse as well as stable flies and some aquatic leeches. In all, citronella repels a lot of bugs that can become very annoying out of doors. When you make this candle, be sure that the citronella oil you purchase is pure oil. This oil smells light and lemony, and most people really like its fragrance. You can do this project with your kids and teach them not only how to make the candle, but if you use candles that you already have, show them how to reduce, recycle and reuse too.

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