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This do it yourself home project is an excellent way to get the tree bench that you've been dreaming, for a fraction of the cost. This tree bench DIY idea is for the style of tree bench that wraps around the entire tree. These great benches are quite pricey to buy, costing anywhere from $250 to $2,990. But with this DIY idea, you will be the envy of your neighbors, and it won't cost you a whole lot of money. If you are new to woodworking and power tools, this is the diy idea for you. And all it takes is some kitchen chairs for this do it yourself home project, and the chairs don't necessarily have to be new. If you shop around everywhere from sales to thrift stores, you might be lucky and find a set for a reasonable price so this DIY idea cost you hardly a thing. You will be amazed at the chairs that were used for this tree bench do it yourself home project that was found on an online auction site. The chairs in this do it yourself home project tutorial cost $75 for the set. For the step by step instructions for this diy idea and project to do you will ant to take a look at the Too Inspired To Sleep site.

When this project to do was started the cushions on the chairs were removed, and a tag was found on a chair that dated the chairs back to 1991. So after the cushions were removed, the chairs needed a good cleaning which was accomplished by using some TSP. TSP is an all-purpose heavy duty cleaner that you use just before painting. The TSP gets rid of all the oils on the furniture so that the paint will adhere to the furniture better. After the chairs were cleaned, the chairs were painted. When the chairs for this diy idea were dried, they were ready for the next step. For this part of the tree bench project to do, the angles that needed to be cut for the bench were determined. Because the tree bench is circular, the angles would have to equal 360 degrees.

And to determine the angle in which the wood for the tree bench needs to be cut, you have to ask how many times the number of chairs you h ave goes into 360. For this tree bench project to do the answer is 60. The wood for this diy idea needs to be cut at sixty-degree angles. Now, this is the part of the do it yourself home project that gets fun, and you start to see results. You measure and cut the wood for the tree bench, and once you get a row done, you can nail it down. This part of the do it yourself project where you start to see the results of all your hard work. After you finish that part, you can take a step back and admire all your handiwork. Next, you will need to make the braces that will connect the chairs to each other for the tree bench. You would never know it by looking at the photos for this do it yourself home project that the chairs used in the project to do were from 1991. It goes to show the value in shopping around and adding some paint. This is a fun diy idea that will last for years of enjoyment, and a project to do that doesn't require advanced woodworking skills.

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