Make-Ahead Frozen Margaritas

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How frustrating it can be when you think you have all the ingredients to make something special and then you open your cupboard only to discover that you are missing the one thing you need. These make-ahead frozen margaritas take the problem of missing that one thing because you make them whenever you want and just keep them in your freezer until friends visit or some other celebration calls for this special drink.

Hot summer nights call for a drink that is refreshing and not too sweet. Traditional margaritas served with salt and lime can quench thirst and they taste great on a hot August night. Serve them with plenty of chips and salsa and you have a party in the making.

Limes are an important ingredient when making a traditional margarita. Most limes come from Brazil or Mexico although some are also grown in the southern USA and in a few other tropical climates. They are a small and pretty, compact fruit with a distinctive bright green color. There are at least four varieties including the kaffir lime and the key lime. Limes contain anti-oxidants and are loaded with vitamin C. Somewhat less sour than lemons, limes are often used to accent or brighten flavors in the same way as their yellow cousins.

When you make your margaritas dont forget the limes. They are a colorful addition to the drink and contribute great flavor. You can make a virgin margarita as well for friends and family who do not want liquor in their drink. The sharp flavor of the limes is every bit as tasty.

When you freeze liquids in glass containers be sure to leave plenty of space at the top. Liquids expand when they are frozen and there must be enough space for that to occur or the liquid could expand enough to cause the glass container to burst open.

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