Makes 2 Loaves Tender Honey Buttermilk Bread

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Try this Tender Honey Buttermilk Bread recipe and discover how fabulous honey can be in a bread recipe. There is almost no better flavor in a bread recipe than honey. It creates an impact in both the smell of the bread recipe, and the flavor as well as the texture. Of course, the taste is also fabulous in a bread recipe that calls on honey in the mix. And there is no difference in how honey will act in terms of its relationship to the use of the yeast in a bread recipe, so you do not need to be concerned that there is no sugar to aid the rise in the yeast. It will rise just fine when you use honey in a recipe. This particular bread recipe still adds sugar to the yeast as well as an old trick of adding ginger to help ensure the rise of the yeast. But, really, either of these steps is not likely necessary, although there is no harm in doing them.

It is always a good idea to start with putting the yeast in to warm water to ensure that it is still active and will rise. Most of the time, most recipes, such as this particular recipe, will also advise you to add sugar of some kind to help activate the yeast. This method certainly works, but it is not necessary, really. It does speed up the rising action of the yeast, but if you just put yeast in to plain warm water, the yeast will also activate. In part, that is because yeast today is so much better made than it was in the past. So you can almost always be sure that your yeast will work, and work well. Ginger is another old trick to help yeast rise. There is a compound in ginger that facilitates the yeast action (by the way, cinnamon inhibits the rise of the yeast, so be sure to never add cinnamon to rising yeast, but always add it in to the flour portion of whatever yeast recipe you might be putting together).

This recipe is a standard bread recipe that includes some great ingredients. Honey is a spectacular addition to any bread loaf recipe, producing a lovely taste, unique texture and terrific smell. Buttermilk is another ingredient that this recipe uses that is also good in a loaf of bread. Buttermilk also helps the yeast rise, and also makes the bread texture very tender and soft. The bite of the bread from a loaf made with buttermilk is truly delicious. Serve this bread while it is still warm for a special treat, and load it with even more butter and more honey. Yum.

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