Maraschino Cherry Frosting

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Cherry is such an awesome flavour and its usually one of my favourites. This Maraschino Cherry Frosting looks so awesome and like it would be great on any baked good. I love maraschino cherries and have since I was a kid. It was always that special thing that topped a sundae or a short bread cookie at Christmas. Or if we went out for dinner somewhere special and all the adults were having drinks, I would get a Shirley Temple with a maraschino cherry on top and would feel so grown up. Sometimes I would just eat them right from the jar! Do you love putting these maraschino cherries on your baked goods? Never want to throw out the juice that is left over? Than this is a great recipe to use it all up!

You basically just add it to your icings and then you are left with a beautifully pink, cherry flavoured icing that will look so pretty on anything. The author of this recipe also adds one special ingredient, but I will leave that for you to find out what it is! This frosting would be perfect on a plain white cake cupcake, or even a chocolate one. Or even a white cake cupcake with maraschino cherries cut up and mixed into the batter! That would look so fun too! I would totally put it on brownies too, that would make for a nice treat!

Even though maraschino cherries are not the best thing for you they are really tasty to have once in a while. They are actually made by taking all of the colouring out of the natural cherry and soaking them in a brine of sugar and red food colouring. But hey, it's fun to have something like this occasionally, just know that it is not the same as eating the original natural and good for you cherries.

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