Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

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Blending recipes to create something new is a great way to get something fresh and exciting in to your menu. Try these Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies and see how you like the blend of deep and rich chocolate brownies with creamy cheesecake marbled in to it. This recipe uses chocolate in two ways to ensure a rich chocolate flavor and makes the creamy marble with cream cheese. The tartness of the cream cheese contrast perfectly against the rich and sweet flavor of the brownies. The blogger and recipe creator notes that she had to tent the brownies about 15 minutes in to the baking cycle to ensure that the cream cheese did not brown too much, something to remember when you make this dessert tonight.

Brownies are a fascinating dessert and snack recipe all on their own. The range in the amounts of butter and chocolate that can be used to create brownies is quite astonishing. Chocolate squares alone can range from as few as two squares of chocolate in the recipe to as many as eight of them. Very traditional brownies use plenty of butter and chocolate, but no leavening agent. The baker needs to have enough skill to know how to blend all the ingredients together in order to maximize the air in the recipe and ensure the lightest result possible. Of course, given the butter and chocolate in classic recipes the brownie is a dense and moist dessert. Still, there are some things to consider.

Two particular things to remember if you make brownies from scratch. Once the butter and chocolate and eggs have been blended, fold in the flour by hand. The second thing (perhaps the first) to remember is to allow the melted chocolate to cool right back to room temperature. Used hot, it will ensure a dry brownie. Try this recipe and see how your family enjoys it. Chances are, you will make it again and again.

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