Margarita Bars

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Do you like margaritas in the summertime? Or just any old time? Try out these great Margarita Bars, that will have you feeling like its summer even if its not! There is actually no tequila in these bars either, so they are ok for kids or for while you have to work or be full aware. But they have all the great flavour of a nice lime margarita, so you can have that at least. Tanya from Lemons for Lulu, brings us this great recipe just in time for summer! They would be the perfect, light dessert for the hot summer days!

For this recipe, you mix together a simple cookie recipe for the crust and then a margarita mix for the topping, and then it just gets baked in the oven. The top almost looks like jello or something with gelatine in it. But it is just the simple margarita mix, with out the alcohol in it. Tanya also says you can put in some green food colouring too if you want to colour to really pop, since the margarita mix won't really make them all that green, which I think would actually be ok. Then you dust them with a light topping of icing sugar and you are good to go!

Tanya has so many awesome recipes, that are all so simple and fun to make! If you are looking for a creative recipe, than you should look on her Lemons for Lulu food blog and see what she has. There are so many fun ones that kids would love too, like rainbow chocolate chip granola bars, how fun are those?! I would love those! She also has a sandwich book coming out soon too in November of 2015! Which would be fun to check out too! Head on over to her awesome blog 'Lemons for Lulu', just follow the link in the section below for more!

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