Market Street Clam Chowder Recipe

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Soup recipe ideas are as plentiful as you can imagine. Recipes for homemade soup like this one from the kitchen of Heidi can be your inspiration or your perspiration. If you make it easy on yourself then it will not cause much perspiration. Never think any recipe you find cannot be made with ingredients you love since any recipe can be changed to fit your needs. Easyhomemade soup recipes are a great way to make use of your leftovers and always remember that any soup you make can easily be frozen for future use. Take the recipes for homemade soup that you find and give them your own personal spin and make them your recipe.

Most recipes you find in books or online and even ones from a friend are actually just someone else’s recipe that

got something added to it to make it a new one. You can take any recipe you find and if you are diligent then you can trace it back to one that can be hundreds of years old and possibly even longer. Easy homemade soup recipes are always welcome whether a cold and rainy day or a sunny and hot one. Soups are filling and if you make one like this hearty soup from Heidi you can make it a complete meal. Soup recipe ideas like this one include clams, potatoes and other

veggies and since it is made to be thick then it will definitely be rib sticking good.

Chowder type soups like this one have been part of our epicurean world since the first one was made sometime in the 19th century and possible even earlier. The first chowder recipes were mainly made with clams, fish, potatoes, onions, corn and cream and every now and then with tomatoes. There are many different takes on this hearty soup, which is almost like stews in regards to the thickness, but they vary from place to place and from cook to cook as well as

region to region. The most common and well-known recipe is the original New England clam chowder one. This is one of the first and most used and followed in North America. The idea behind it and the other chowder recipes was brought over with the first settlers in Canada and the United States. That first original chowder recipe which was made with cream, fish, clams and potatoes has graced many tables and since that one we now have many different takes on the original recipe. We now have ones like the Manhattan clam chowder recipe that includes clams and potatoes but is based in a tomato mixture. Many chowder enthusiasts do not fully accept this as chowder but think of it

as a vegetable soup with clams. Thanks to Heidi of Foodie Crush Blog for this yummy Market Street Clam Chowder Recipe that brings the classic style to you and your diners and will have you thinking or New England at it’s great chowder history and bon apetit.**

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