Marshmallow Hot Fudge

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You had best make sure the little ones are not around when you make this recipe for Marshmallow Hot Fudge. It uses up 30 marshmallows, every one of which they will mourn as it goes in to the pot. It will be no use in telling them that you are making a marshmallow hot fudge. They will want the straight goods. Best to have a second bag hanging around to surprise them when their desolation over the loss of a bag of the yummiest food going to every and any seven year old gets too the extreme.

This recipe blends milk, chocolate chips and, of course, marshmallows to create a beautiful hot fudge sauce. You can put this sauce in to a lot of things, or eat it all straight from the spoon as soon as you make it. It is a rich, thick, and fabulous treat. Spoon it over ice cream, of course, or ice cream, some fruit (strawberries, bananas, kiwi, whatever you and your family prefer), and finish with whipped cream. Yum. Of course, you could also pour this over brownies (and ice cream) or cake (and ice cream). The prevailing theme here is ice cream would always work well with marshmallow hot fudge, and it does. There is something about that combination that simply works. So enjoy it. Perhaps double the recipe so there is enough that you can taste test without it looking as though you have eaten an entire recipe doing so (although you might!).

Marshmallow hot fudge, especially if home made, is an entirely decadent and self indulgent sauce. It keeps fairly well, or at least, for the 24 hours (or less) that I have ever been able to keep it in my fridge, this stuff has never gone bad. And the container? Actually gets finger licked clean. Marshmallow hot fudge is just that good. Try it soon, if you have never made it from scratch before. Enjoy.

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