Marshmallow Whipped Cream

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Uh-oh. Here is Marshmallow Whipped Cream, the most delishusest deelishusness humanly possible. Creamy, foamy, light, smooth, pretty white, uh-oh. Plus, it is easy peasy to make. Worse. Okay, so here is how you avoid eating the entire recipe yourself. Plan the treat you will have ahead of time. Don’t try to resist this yumminess. It won’t work. Instead, plan the treat you will have (to reward yourself for making something for your family . . . assuming it makes it that far) and when. I would choose strawberries, and I would go even further, sprinkling the strawberries with lemon and sugar an hour or so before sitting down with a cup of tea to treat myself. Possibly set out a side of almonds, too, just to slow the sugar absorption that is about to go in to my bloodstream. Prepare the table. Make it lovely. No little fingers making sticky on your dishes. A cup of tea, maybe a pot. Or coffee or espresso, whatever you like, if you prefer that drink. Measure. Seriously. You just cannot eat all of it.

This recipe demands that you eat lunch before you make it. That is the only way you will not lick the spoon, fingers, bowl and every thing else as you make it. Try and let this dish chill in the fridge for an hour, at least, before digging in. And remember, measure what you eat. Or you will be so sorry. Intersperse this treat with nuts to help reduce the sugar shock. Of course, the big advantage to this dish is that you make it with real whipped cream. That means it will be fat rich, and so you will be filled up quickly. What a relief!

This is a fabulous sauce to serve in so many different ways, on top of fruit, cake, sweet breads, as a frosting on or in-between cake layers, or alone with shaved chocolate—try a combination of dark, white and milk.

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