Martha Washington Candies

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This recipe for Martha Washington Candies would be fun to make on a rainy day when both you and the kids are bored. It is so much fun to bake, and the thought of eating these homemade candies will perk everyone up. Don’t wait for the holidays. These goodies are too yummy to wait for such a special occasion. Candies are not hard to make, and they are always so delicious to eat. There is something very special about picking up a chocolate covered candy and not knowing what might be inside until you bite into the delight. Then, there it is, all that lovely, sweet filling in cherry, orange, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, and a thousand other fabulous flavor blends. This chocolate is one of those delights.

These candies include coconut, cherries, and pecans among other ingredients. This is a fantastic blend of sweet, tender, chewy and lightly crunchy. It is a great blend for something small and sweet and complete. The lovely blend of colors is also visually attractive too. Red cherries contrast with strings of white coconut and tiny pieces of nutty brown pecans. What a treat! Candies are an ancient treat, and very early accounts exist of fruits and nuts being dipped or rolled in honey and other sweet things then eaten. So making candies is a long tradition from history and almost every culture in the world. It seems like everyone likes sweets!

Enjoy these candies whenever you want. They are a quintessential deep South combination of flavors, and no one makes a sweet quite like the South. Their unique blend of nuts, coconuts, and other flavors always results in something spectacular to eat that you can scarcely stop eating. This Martha Washington Candy recipe is no exception to that wondrous tradition. Enjoy some soon.

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