Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs

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This is a leftover potatoes recipe idea you are sure to love. Next time you find yourself having more leftover potatoes than you know what to do with, you'll want to try this potatoes recipe for bacon bombs. This mashed potato bacon bomb recipe is full of creamy and cheesy goodness. The mashed potato bacon bombs are stuffed, deep-fried and coated in nutty bread crumbs and crispy, salty bacon. Each mashed potato ball explodes with cheesy goodness, that is made all the better with the crisp, bacon shell. For this leftover potatoes recipe, you will need leftover and chilled mashed potatoes, bacon, egg, dry bread crumbs, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper, skewers and some oil for frying. You can also have some sour cream and some toppings for dipping. For the full step by step mashed potato bacon bombs recipe, you will want to take a look on the Oh Bite It site.

Potatoes are one of the most popular and important food sources you will find on the planet, and they contain a variety of health benefits that make them a staple dietary item for much of the world’s population. Some of the health benefits of potatoes include their ability to help improve digestion, to reduce cholesterol levels, boost heart health, may help to prevent cancer, and manage diabetes. Potatoes may help to strengthen the immune system, help reduce signs of aging, protect the skin, reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, reduce insomnia, and aid in eye care. The reason that potatoes have spread across the world so quickly and have been so widely accepted around the world is that they are a storehouse of both energy and nutrition, to include vitamins, minerals, and essential organic compounds. The mineral content in potatoes includes that they are rich in potassium. The concentration of potassium is highest in the skin and just beneath it. So, eating the potato with its skin on is always beneficial. Potatoes also contain calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

The vitamin content of potatoes includes a large amount of vitamin C present in them. Typically, a 100 gm serving of potatoes will contain about 17 mg of vitamin C. In addition to this Vitamin C, they also contain vitamins A, B, and P. Potatoes may look big, but it is the water in them that accounts for about 70 to 80 percent of their weight. So the belief that you become fat by eating too many potatoes is a misconception. Of course, if your potato servings contain large quantities of butter, or if you can’t keep away from those high-fat and high-cholesterol potatoes recipes of french fries, then you are bound to become overweight. Some tips to help reduce the loss of nutrients in potatoes include avoiding peeling the potatoes before you cook them. The outer shell of a potato (the skin) helps to provide good protection against nutritional loss during the cooking process. The protein and the mineral content that is beneath the potato skin is high, so if you cook the potatoes after you peel them, most of these proteins and minerals will be lost. When you boil some potatoes for use in potatoes recipes, you want to first heat the water to its boiling point and then add in the potatoes. This will reduce the cooking time of the potatoes and help you maintain the vitamin C content. Minimize the frying of potatoes, as 75 percent of vitamin C is lost during frying. You can use other cooking methods for potatoes recipes such as baking and steaming.

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