Mashed Potato Pancakes

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No, this is not your traditional pancake recipe that you serve with organic maple syrup, but this mashed potato pancakes recipe is just as delicious. This potato side dish recipe involves combining mashed potatoes with egg, flour, and green onions, then frying until golden on both sides. This dish would be perfect as a way to use up leftover mashed potatoes for a quick side dish with dinner or even as a hash brown replacement along with eggs for breakfast. You can even pass the maple syrup or ketchup if you want, for the tastiest breakfast side recipe ever.

There are many different ways to cook potatoes, but this is one of the easiest ones because you can cook the potatoes the day before and have them ready to pan fry into crispy goodness. This pancake recipe includes instructions for how to boil your potatoes if you don’t happen to have any mashed potato leftovers sitting in your refrigerator. Ella instructs to boil the potatoes whole with the skins on to cook them through, which is ideal so that the cakes don't become stodgy and extra wet from soaking in the boiling water. Once cooled, you can peel the skins off easily by rubbing with a paper towel or clean kitchen towel, and they will be ready to mash and combine with the other ingredients in this potato cake recipe. To make the mashed potato recipe, a handheld masher or a potato ricer is fine, but another quick and easy method for combining these potato cakes in a jiffy would be to use a handheld mixer. Handheld mixers are normally used for baking recipes, but they are effective at whipping potatoes and making them exceptionally creamy as well. Just be careful with whipping the potatoes, because the potatoes can become gluey if they are over whipped. Running the beaters for twenty or thirty seconds should be enough to get the potatoes nice and creamy without turning them into an unappetizing mess. Once that is done, you can stir in the additional ingredients to make this potato pancake recipe.

Potatoes aren’t though of as being a healthy food choice, but in fact, the nutritional profile of these vegetables means that they are an excellent food to include in our diets. Potato nutritional benefits include high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium, which are all essential nutrients for the human body. Vitamin C is beneficial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, as well as a healthy immune system while vitamin B6 helps regulate blood sugar and allows the nervous system to function correctly. Since potatoes are so helpful to health, there is no excuse not to infiltrate your weekly diet with this mashed potato pancake recipe. Unlike other unhealthy potato recipes, like French fries, this potato cake recipe doesn’t require much oil, because a non-stick frying pan is used, so these cakes obtain a golden crisp texture without adding a lot of fat. Thank you to Ella, the author of Home Cooking Adventure, for sharing her mashed potato pancakes recipe with us.**

Nutrition Facts for: Mashed Potato Pancakes from Home Cooking Adventure
Ingredients: Potatoes, egg, whole wheat flour, green onions, salt, pepper, olive oil.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings *Per Serving: Calories 68, Calories from Fat 40, Total Fat 4.4g 7%, Saturated Fat 0.8g 4%, Cholesterol 21mg 7%, Sodium 224mg 9%, Potassium 106mg 3%, Carbohydrates 5.9g 2%, Dietary Fiber 0.1g 0%, Sugars 0.1g, Protein 1.6g, Vitamin A 1%, Vitamin C 1%, Calcium 1%, Iron 2%

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