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Are you interested in adding more organization to each room in your home? If so, you have to check out these great diy ideas from Hometalk. These fun diy projects are meant to be specifically for your bathroom, but you could use them for any room in your home too. The great thing is, you don't have to buy any fancy organizing materials, you can just use some affordable mason jars or even some recycled jars if you have them around. Casey and Bridget from The DIY Playbook share this awesome diy idea for a mason jar organizer. This is one of their most popular diy ideas online, and it offers the perfect solution for organizing all of your bathroom items while keeping them accessible. Plus, it's super easy which means anyone will be able to do it. All this diy idea will take you is around 30 minutes, and it won't cost you more than $20. All you'll need are some mason jars and some hose clamps as well as a couple of nice pieces of wood. These ladies used a piece of wood that measured 32 inches by 7 inches, and they stained it and let it dry for 24 hours. You can use any stain colour you like or you could even paint the wood in any colour of paint too.

Once the wood is dry, you can start to assemble the organizer. You will also need some picture hangers so you can easily hang your organizer on the wall. First, put the picture hangers on the back of the piece of wood by hammering them in place. They should come with little nails, and the picture hangers themselves should have two little holes in them so you can hammer the nails through. Then use a measuring tape to evenly space out the placement of the four mason jars and mark out where they will go with a pencil. Drill a hole in each of the marks and then put the hose clamps in place with a screw in the centre. Then, just slide the mason jar through the hose clamp and tighten it up around the jar to hold it in place. That's it; your diy mason jar organizer is all ready to use. Just hang it on the wall in your bathroom and fill it up with various items. You can put cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup brushes and more in these jars and they will look nice and organized yet everything is still very accessible.

You can also use these mason jars in other rooms of your home, like the kitchen where you could store utensils in the mason jars to free up some space in a drawer. They also work great as vases, and you could use a larger mason jar to work as a vase for flowers or a planter for some succulent plants perhaps. This diy project would also be great in your office or a craft room to hold pens, pencils and other items you use frequently. If you don't already have mason jars around you can purchase them at any home improvement store usually or even grocery stores sometimes. They are great for organizing a ton of different items and make for some very attractive looking storage. Plus, unlike plastics, glass is much healthier to store food in because it doesn't leach harmful chemicals into our food as plastics do. You can even find different sizes of jars at the dollar store too. Try out these fun diy projects and other diy ideas on Hometalk, the worlds largest diy community.***

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