Mcdonalds Apple Pie Recipe

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Pastry baking is not for the feint of heart. That doesn’t mean you should be scared to take on a new recipe. Every new recipe should be a guide and inspiration. Easy pie recipes like this one from Krystle will have you out of the kitchen in less time than you might imagine. This comfort food recipe will surely be one of your go to easy pie recipes that will make pastry baking a lot easier than you might have imagined. Comfort desserts are exactly what are advertised. They are great when the wind is blowing outside and you are in need of something comforting. Apples are a great way to get nutrition and if you include them in desserts even your finicky diners might be inclined to partake in the finished product.

The old saying of an apple a day keeps the doctor away might not be 100% accurate but they are a great source of vitamins and nutrition. As with every recipe you come across you might want to exchange the apples for peaches, strawberries or any other fruit you and your fellow munchers might like. Make the recipe your inspiration to add your own personal favorites to. Apples and pie are akin to snow and cold, they just naturally go together. The apple has been with us since the earliest records and way before anyone decided to document them. Krystle’s recipe can be prepared and baked in less than an hour and you can add many different spices than just cinnamon that is usually paired with apples in most baked apple recipes.

Nutmeg is one of the ingredients added to this apple pie recipe along with the cinnamon. There are many other great spices that you can experiment with since the fun is in the trying. You can substitute or keep the nutmeg and cinnamon and add honey or even ground ginger which will give your recipe an added kick and ginger is excellent for digestive issues so adding this won’t hurt the recipe

since it is a great substitute for nutmeg. You can even include chocolate since it goes great with apples. As you can see there are many different ways to change any recipe to make it singularly

your own. Krystle requests you to buy the pre made pastry dough but if you would like you can make a large batch from scratch and freeze whatever you did not use since it freezes well and has a long freezer life. This way anytime you are at odds with what to make you can easily defrost the dough and away you go with a new recipe.As with all baking projects you take on always remember that oven heat is not always the same from one oven to the next Always check and double check any baking you do since even the oven itself has minor different heat zones. Thanks to Krystle of Baking Beauty Blog for this yummy Mcdonalds Apple Pie Recipe and bon apetit.**

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