Meat Potato Pierogi

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This Meat Potato Pierogi will fill up every hungry eater in the family and bring plenty of comfort to the table, too. This dish is an Eastern specialty. However, the concept of dough filled with savory or sweet ingredients is known in just about every culture around the world. It seems that every one enjoys the combination of dough that is filled with something yummy inside.

This Meat Potato Pierogi will take a bit of time to prepare. If you like, make the filling the day before you plan to make up the rest of the dish. That will ease the load on preparing this great dish. Pierogi can be served alone, somewhat like macaroni and cheese, or paired with other foods. Here, for example, you could serve a nice and dark, green veggie and another meat, if you like, to make a complete meal. It would also be really filling.

Pierogi are often finished in the oven, although to cook them, you boil them first in water. Once they come out of the water, they can be cooled and frozen, then simply re-heated, or you can pop them in to the oven right away. As well, as this recipe suggests, you can stir fry them in a pan on the stove top with butter and oil, onions, and salt and pepper. Either way, they are delicious. Savory pierogi are often served with sour cream, or a sauce or dip made using sour cream. They are fabulous. Enjoy this dish by making it over two days to ease the workload. If you are a seasoned cook, or simply grew up making and eating pierogi, then preparing them all on one day may be easy for you. Any way you do it, do it soon, and enjoy this great dish.

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