Meatball Sub Casserole

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This recipe for a nice fresh Asiago Meatball Sub Casserole will hit the spot for every one on the list for dinner tonight. This is a mighty, meaty, cheesy dish that carries plenty of calories per serving and has loads of good nutrition to boot. The high fat content can be managed by cutting slightly smaller pieces than usual and being sure to serve big sides of salad and other veggies to fill up on. This recipe is interesting in that the bread is placed around the casserole in a nicely decorative fashion and is a great way to serve the dish. Every one can take a big piece of bread and then the meatballs, sauce and cheese, and sit down to a hefty meal. Consider serving this with noodles, since it is so filling a dish. It would also taste great with either rice or beans and rice (a combination we do not often use, but that tastes great) or even mashed potatoes. If you do choose mashed potatoes, do not add anything to them, but keep them dry in order that the potatoes can soak up the tomato juices from the casserole.

And the word, casserole, means a delightful dish that is also very forgiving. It is one of the best dishes to make, for my dime, because you can almost throw any thing in to the casserole, add some seasonings, some kind of liquid and then bake it up and call it dinner. It is a great way to use leftovers, or to make entirely new dishes such as this one.

This dish calls for commercial sauce; however, consider making your sauce from scratch. You will have made the meat balls that way, and the coup de grace for this dish would be to have your own tomato sauce to boot. It is an easy process and much more flavorful than any thing you might pick up at the grocery store. In any event, a commercial sauce will make the casserole come together a bit more quickly. This dish is pretty enough to serve for guests and friends and family if they drop by. Enjoy it soon.

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