Meatloaf Cupcakes

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This is a lovely and rather funny recipe for meatloaf and potatoes. The meatloaf is made in individual rounds so the servings are unique to every person at the table. This is a fun way to make meatloaf, and bumps it up in terms of elegance. But the fun does not stop there. The potatoes are served on top of the meatloaf, shaped to look like icing on a cup cake. So there is the fun. And if it is possible that you might have a finicky eater who does not care for meatloaf (is that even possible?) then this fun and fanciful shape might convince him or her to try a bite or two of this great dish.

Meat loaf is and old dish, and one that is a great comfort food. It tastes fabulous, and this recipe uses many of the traditional seasonings so that it will have a rich and robust flavor with great depth. There are, of course, many ways to make a meat loaf. In the end, it is just meat shaped and plopped in to a pan, so you can do what you like. Here in North America, though, handed down to us from the British immigrants, meat loaf is generally made from beef, and includes plenty of onions in the mix along with other great flavorings. In our house, my mother also added lots of crackers to stretch the meat out so all of us could eat, not that any of us ever went hungry, we just seemed to never stop eating (a typical issue with kids!).

The one thing possibly missing from this fun presentation, and easy to make dish, is how to make the potatoes. They do have to be mashed (or smashed) if you plan to make the dish as it is shown at the web site. Although the “icing” might be prettier if the potatoes were peeled, do not peel them. The skin is just too loaded with good nutrition to not eat. Instead, cook the potatoes with loads of cloves of garlic (at least three or four) tossed in to the boiling water. Drain, but keep the cloves of garlic and mash them in. Add plenty of the things you like, such as butter, sour cream, cream cheese and so on. Then, pipe that on top of the meat loaf. It will be delicious.

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