Men's cleaning lessons? These you have to hear!

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Wouldn't we all love to have some of Dads Best Cleaning Advice? Sometimes a little advice goes a long way! There are many people that would love to be better able to keep their houses clean, but sometimes all they lack is someone to show them how it's done. Then you just keep practicing until you feel you have the way down pat. There are so many benefits to keeping a clean house after all, and this reverberates out into your day to day life as well. You tend to feel more calm and centred when your home is clean and tidy, and you can then get other things done and also feel relaxed and not like you have a million things to do.

Each and every one of these tips is great! They make a great compilation of how to make jobs that may seem hard easier, and great tips on how to do things around the house. This list most likely has some cleaning advice that your own parents have shown you or given you along the way, and that you still remember until this day, when you go to clean something. These are pieces of advice that stick in our memories so well!

Some of my favourites on this list were simple ones like using news paper to shine the faucets and windex to shine them up even more. What a wonderful idea, and something everyone usually has around anyhow. I also like how one person's dad used the leaf blower to clean out the garage instead of sweeping it. Now that is a great idea that saves time and energy! There are even cute ones like the man should always do the dishes, even if he cooks dinner. Check out the great article to learn something new about how to clean your own home! Head over 'Good House Keeping' by following the link in the section below!

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