Mexican Chicken Soup

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This recipe is for a fabulous soup, which, if you have never had it before, you need to try out tonight. Seriously. It is just that terrific. Mexican Chicken Soup blends really great foods including sweet potato, avocado and chicken with fabulous spices such as cumin, lime and cilantro, to create a dish that is sweet, sultry and spicy and sour. This dish may well meet the five basic flavors that we can taste. These fundamental flavors include sweet, sour and salty as well as bitter and umami. This dish might even meet the bitter flavor with the slightly metallic taste that some people comment they can taste in cilantro. But, whether the dish meets all the five minimum flavors or not, it has a fabulous blend that will have every one at the table “mmmmm . . . . mming” as they gobble down bowl after bowl.

This dish is also chock full of foods that are really good for you (don’t tell the kids). Sweet potato packs plenty of nutritional punch; avocado is a great source of good fats as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals. Garlic is one of the best and most nutritious foods you could eat. And there are plenty of other good things in this dish including the chicken, of course!

This dish is also surprisingly easy to make. Just be sure that you have purchased all that you need, and read the recipe through once so you know the order in which to add things. But it is a wondrous soup that every one should eat, at least once. Because once you taste it, you and your family will go back to that dish again and again. Enjoy it soon!

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