Mexican Egg Salad Sandwich

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When it comes to how to make an egg salad sandwich the varieties as well as the methods can be quite numerous. You can use a multitude of different breads from the simple white bread to a wonderful focaccia and the wide variety of ingredients to go with the hard boiled egg are even greater. Then you must consider all the different ways to get the egg to the perfect hardness. Shannon brings us south of the border with her Mexican Egg Salad Sandwich recipe. This version might become the best egg sandwich recipe you will be able to add to your repertoire. If you try hard you can even make it a healthy egg salad sandwich. The outcome is up to you and what you are looking to get out of the recipe.

When it comes to how to make an egg salad sandwich it is not difficult and the beauty lies in the quick and easy process for cooking the eggs and the ingredient mixes can be easily found in most pantries and the choice can be limitless. Everyone thinks they have the best egg salad sandwich recipe and that is not always necessarily wrong. We all have different palates and we can either strive for a healthy egg salad sandwich or one that is not quite as healthy but is what your diners are asking for. In the end you have many recipes for an egg salad sandwich and always remember recipes are guides and not laws. You can wrangle the recipe to make it fit what you are looking for in a sandwich.

When most people consider making a hard boiled egg their first technique and the most readily used is the tried and true boiling of the egg in 200 or higher degree water. This is usually done for the minimum of 5 minutes once the water begins to boil. That is the most common but you can also bake the egg by placing it inside a muffin tin and baking them for 30 minutes with this procedure the egg shell actually comes off easier than boiling. You can steam them or cook them sous vide style, which you actually cook the egg in hot but not boiling water at temperatures from 140 to 185 degrees. These are the most frequently used but there are probably other techniques as well.

When it comes to egg salad sandwich recipes the beauty is in the many different options of what to mix into the egg mixture. You usually find mayonnaise or miracle whip as your base and then you can add celery, onions, and a multitude of different spices as well.Shannon takes us to Mexico by adding peppers, cilantro and cumin and other Mexican cooking based spices. You can add or subtract with your favorites. Thanks to Shannon of Cozy Country Living Blog for this yummy Mexican Egg Salad Sandwich recipe that is spicy good and exotic in flavors It’s like a fiesta in your mouth.**

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