Mexican Mac and Cheese

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Try this unique recipe for Mexican Mac and Cheese and don’t spare even a single one of the ingredients. This recipe is well worth the effort to go out and buy every single thing you need to make this recipe just as the blogger and recipe creator call for it be made. That means right down to the pine nuts. They are expensive, but they are well worth it in order to get the authentic flavor that this dish offers. And it has flavor in spades. Take time to make this dish right. So make this dish when you can spend the morning shopping to find the specialty items, and the afternoon taking your time to make it right. You will be glad you discovered this dish, and you will return to it often.

This recipe uses some commercial foods that make the dish go easier including rotisserie chicken. So that certainly saves on the cooking front with respect to the meat. Another feature of this recipe is the shell shaped pasta that this recipe calls for. In the end, probably any pasta could be used, but this one is a bit differently shaped to capture and hold the various ingredients and so make the flavor uniform throughout the dish. As well, since you are making a new and different dish, why not make it with a new pasta too?

This is a complete and filling dish that combines a fantastic blend of spicy and smoky flavors in a chicken and pasta base then smothered in a wonderful combination of cheese. Try it soon. This dish will certainly become a family favorite. Make a big batch, too, since people will be lined up, asking, “Can I have some more, please?” Enjoy it soon.

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