Mexican Meatball Soup

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This is a fabulous recipe for soup that is arguably a stew to feed an army! Try this Albondigas Spicy Mexican Meatball Soup when you have the time to spend on making the meat balls and soup with careful attention to the details. This Albondigas Spicy Mexican Meatball Soup has a lot of ingredients that need to be measured and blended and so on, and for the first time making the dish, you want to be precise here. Later, once you have made it a few times (and you will) then you can begin to play with the recipe ingredients to tailor the dish to you and your family’s taste preferences.

The soup is made in two steps. The first step is the albondigas spicy Mexican meat balls. They are similar to regular meat balls that you probably already make for your family. So, of course, you know your family will just love them. Who does not love meat balls? They are just such a fun food (and no one needs to know just how nutritious they are, too). In this recipe, pork is also blended as one of the meats, along with the ground beef. Do not leave out the pork. It adds considerable flavor and tenderness to the beef, and makes a big difference in the final result. Be sure the carrot is well chopped; you might even consider grating it and then chopping it to ensure an even distribution throughout the meat blend. The soup has great ingredients including olive oil, onions, garlic along with other great veggies. All of these ingredients mean that this soup is as nutritious as it is delicious.

Make this soup and freeze some of it. If you have not had it before, you and your family are in for a real treat. If you do not make it with the rice blended in to the meat balls, consider making some rice to serve on the side. Noodles are another good choice.

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