Mexican Scalloped Potatoes

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Okay, this dish is way beyond simple Mexican Scalloped Potatoes or whatever version you may have been thinking of with the idea of scallops in mind. Of course, our blogger lives in the frigid province of Manitoba, where ideas of warm start at about -15C (yup, you read that right, 5F). I lived in that province for almost a decade, and actually got to the point where -15C was considered pretty nice weather. And believe me, once you live there awhile, you learn all about frost bite, keeping your dogs from getting their paw pads frost bitten, and being certain your kids have their noses covered each and every morning. That place has stunning sun rises and sun sets because of the big open sky. It is also a great place to see in the late summer for its fields of flax, wheat, and sunflowers.

So that is why this recipe, which is really an entire meal in itself, is called just Mexican Scalloped Potatoes. In the time I lived in Manitoba, every where I went people made serious meals out of everything. A salad was never just a salad, and here scallops are more than just scallops. This dish will meet the heartiest meat eater and cheese lover needs of every member of your family. They will likely only eat one serving because this dish is so chock full of filling and delicious food.

Try the spice combination and you will appreciate the snap. The heat will warm you up on a cold winter’s night, and cause you to sweat and cool on a hot summer’s eve. Anyway you eat it, this dish is dee-lish. Check out the website too and learn a bit about this frosty province with the big open sky.

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