Midnight Fudge Cake

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This recipe is so decadent you will laugh out loud when you read it. You will also understand why it is called Midnight Fudge Cake. This cake was clearly developed under wraps in the middle of the night, and probably scarfed down then, too! You will see when you look at the recipe what we mean. All signs of making and eating this taste temptation will have been cleared and cleaned away, so little ones had nothing but their chocolate dreams and sweet suspicions next morning that you made it. This recipe is not one to miss. Have your friends over for a late night snack. Put the kids to bed. This one is a treat for adults only.

This recipe is too good to give away. Let us just say there are layers and layers of chocolate involved. So when you and your friends are in the mood for a night of chocolate and friendship, look this recipe up, get the ingredients and make it. There is a home made option for this recipe. You could try that, and it would be lovely, but for this silly treat, take a break and use commercial mixes. Add ice cream and whipped cream, too, to make this a true night of indulgence. A few candied cherries wouldn’t hurt, either.

This is a recipe that is a throwback to the days when you could eat anything and not gain an ounce. Once in a while, you have to eat like that just because. When you feel the need for total indulgence, this recipe is it. Call your friends, make it a date, get in the sitters, and go nuts. Oh, nuts—get some of those for this dish, too. Walnuts or pecans would be great.

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