Milky Way Simply Caramel Flourless Chocolate Cake Roll

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Thanks to Brianne of Cupcakes & Kale Chips recipe blog for her Milky Way Simply Caramel Flourless Cake Roll recipe that might have you doing a few extra minutes of exercise to work it off after you enjoy eating it but after you make this creation you will hopefully decide it ended up being worth it! Cake and Milky Way, a combination hard to imagine not tasting good. The beauty is in the fact of knowing you get to experiment with this new cake roll recipe. Remember often with baking, the fun is in the trying something new and decadent.

Lovers of the Milky Way Chocolate Bar will probably be all in when it comes to making the decision to take on this baked treat. The fact it is flourless should also attract many since anytime you can omit flour your arteries will love you. Then simply the words cake and recipe should be the final lure that brings in another large crowd of munchers. Brianne takes the classic Milky Way chocolate bar, the bites version, and combines it into the recipe that can be the center of the sweet table and become the go-to treat for you and family or friends to enjoy after a wonderful meal. As this is a calorie heavy dessert, offset that with a brisk 20 minutes on the elliptical or a walk in the fresh air. That being said there are many ways to lighten the calorie count in this recipe when you look hard enough.

Flourless cake is not something that is very common, but you can find a version of it in many different regions around the world. If you travel to Capri, a resort town on the eastern coast of Italy that has been visited by area residents and royalty since the Roman Empire was still considered the center of the world, you can taste Torta Caprese an Italian take on a flourless chocolate cake recipe. The difference with flour being added or not is simply a matter of one’s own preferences. Flourless will always be denser in consistency, and floured cake is usually more airy and light. When ingredients are added to either way of the cooking process, flourless or floured, you will always have the feel of a dense cake. The decision to go flourless can be a health-minded one or a matter of preference since the two choices are both palatable and good in their own way.

Rich desserts like this chocolate cake roll recipe from Cupcakes and Kale Chips begs for a warm, satisfying drink that is lighter on the sweetness ratio to wash it down with. The fact that you are introducing sugar, cream and butter into your system begs for a low sugar drink. Try to imagine what Julius Caesar’s choice of drink might have been as he carved into a slice of Torta Caprese while at his favorite resort in Capri all those years ago. A strong dark coffee or an espresso and a side of sparkling water might do the trick. Let your hair down and enjoy a sinful treat with this flourless chocolate cake recipe from Brianne.

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