Mini and Moist Banana Muffins

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Mini and Moist Banana Muffins are cute and fun to make and little hands always just love having food that fits them perfectly. This recipe is just about as simple as a recipe can be, combining a standard muffin blend and adding a light streusel to the top to provide a bit of crunch and more sweetness. In the recipe for the muffins, only one-half of an egg is called for. The easiest way to measure this is to crack the egg and lightly beat it then measure it out as a liquid. Then just use one half of the liquid in the recipe. Of course, if you used up the entire egg, it would not matter too much, and would make the recipe a bit spongier and more moist. The muffins would still taste terrific.

This recipe calls on bananas, which are a tremendous source of terrific nutrition. They are also a great snack to take with you since they are already packaged and can just be tossed in to your back pack or bag and carried along with you. Bananas are loaded with B6, manganese, potassium, fiber, copper, and plenty of other nutrients. They are a cheap and easy food to have around, and now they are available year round, too, and almost always at an affordable price.

A lesser known fact about bananas is how much support they give to our cardiovascular system. Potassium, which is loaded in every banana to the tune of about 400 milligrams in each average banana, may help to lower blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis. Bananas, generally, contain almost no fat, but the one it does have is a little known fat called sterol. Sterol looks like cholesterol, and so our bodies are fooled by it and will not absorb more cholesterol in to our blood stream, thus keeping our cholesterol levels in check. The third advantage you can get from eating bananas lies in its water soluble fiber. Bananas are a good source of fiber, and water soluble fiber is especially associated with decreased risk of heart disease. So bananas are a great food source. Recent research has also shown that eating one half of a banana periodically throughout a work out has essentially the same ability to replace lost minerals as any commercial drink you might buy. There is some controversy over this research, especially since scientists are not in agreement that sore muscles and muscle cramps are necessarily related to lack of potassium in the blood stream. Regardless, bananas are a great food that you can be happy to feed your kids (and feed yourself, too!). So make these muffins with their crunchy streusel topping and enjoy them today.

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