Mini Apple Cheesecakes

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Try this Mini Apple Cheesecakes recipe, and see what fun it is to make things in miniature. Using a mini recipe helps keep portions in check, too, so you can enjoy the bit you have and not worry that you will over eat when you make this delicious mini apple cheesecakes recipe. This recipe has lots of steps, so you might want to practice mise en place. Following the mise en place practice will help to ensure that you do not forget any item and that you follow all of the steps that go with this mini apple cheesecakes recipe. The cheesecake recipe is not difficult, but it does require that several different things get done before the whole mini apple cheesecakes recipe can come together.

Mise en place is the practice of taking out and setting up all of the ingredients that you will be using in any one particular recipe. There are two reasons to follow this practice, and it is one that every baker uses. First, taking out all of the ingredients from the fridge and cupboards lets you know that you have all of the things you need in order to make this recipe. Second, setting the ingredients out in the order that you will use them helps to ensure that you will not miss a step or forget some item that might be quite critical to the successful outcome of the recipe. For these two reasons, mise en place is a great practice for all bakers to follow.

This recipe has four parts to it. The first part is preparing the base layer. This is a quick and easy step. The apples that are part of this recipe also need to be chopped. In addition, the apples are cooked in seasoning before they are put on top of the base layer. Then the cream cheese layer needs to be made, and that layer is poured over the apple layer and the base layer. Then this three-layer cheesecake is baked. Before serving, a caramel sauce is drizzled over the whole thing. Do not skip this final step. The recipe includes how to make this sauce from scratch, and it is fabulous. It will absolutely be the coup de grace for this little dessert. You can sometimes struggle to make a caramel sauce because it can be a bit tricky. It requires that you melt sugar, and that process can quickly go wrong, and the sugar can burn. But, even if it burns, do not be discouraged. It is such a quick process to make that you can begin again. Have patience when you make caramel sauce. The results are worth the small effort that it requires.

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