Mini Apple Pies with Streusel Topping

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Who doesn’t love individually made Mini Apple Pies with Streusel Topping? There is always something special about the dish or treat that you are eating when it has been made just for you and no one else, particularly when it is made from home. It takes extra time and energy to make individual servings rather than just one big pie or cake. Enjoy these mini apple pies with one just the right size for each person in your family.

The other nice thing about an individual serving is that it does allow you to exercise some portion control. It is so easy to over eat when foods are so delicious. One portion served can be enough to ensure that only one gets eaten. This recipe combines a lovely apple filling on a great dough that you can either make your self or buy pre-packaged. Choose whatever works in with your busy schedule on the day you make them. Then they are put in to individual pans, filled, and terrific streusel is sprinkled on top. Little hands will be happy to help with this step, especially if there are left over apples to chop and sprinkle with extra topping (so make extra).

This is an easy dish to make that takes fresh Granny Smith apples and so results in a very tangy middle. You can choose a blend of apples for a variety of flavor and textures. You can also use brown sugar instead of white for yet another variation in this recipe. The wonderful thing about apples is they are so versatile that you can make all sorts of changes to suit what your family enjoys. Try this recipe soon. You may find you prefer this method over a regular full size pie!

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