Mini Cherry Pies

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This mini cherry pie recipes look pretty and delicious when they are made as individual servings, and the kids (especially the little ones) will be inevitably drawn to them because of their perfect kid size and bright color. The sprinkling of sugar on top will also attract the kids because of the sparkle and crunch they bring to the pies. These pies are super quick and easy because every thing is store bought. So your task becomes one of assembling the ingredients and baking them rather than actually having to craft some thing from scratch. So this is a good cherry pie recipe for the beginner baker in your house.

The tops of these mini cherry pies are also pretty to create. They can take a bit of time, but, and especially for a new baker, they can give great satisfaction. And they are not that difficult, if you take the time to cut the strips out carefully and evenly. Cherries are a great food. In this cherry pie mix, they are probably not particularly nutritious, but eaten fresh, cherries have plenty of good nutritional value to offer. Like red wine, the red color of cherries points to an anti-inflammatory in the cherry that can help to ease sore joints. As well, cherries are great for a healthy colon because of the quercitin contained in them. Pectin helps control cholesterol, and there is plenty of that in cherries too. Sour cherries are even more nutritious than sweet cherries and contain 19 times the amount of beta carotene, which keeps your eyes and skin healthy, than found even in blueberries. And, finally, and perhaps surprisingly, cherries may help you sleep better. Why? Because they contain melatonin, one of the very few known foods that does. Botanically, cherries are a drupe, like avocado, plums and similar so called fruits.

This cherry pie recipe uses canned cherries, which means there is also a lot of sugar in this mixture. One way to slow down the sugar spike that inevitably accompanies such a load of sugar is to pair the sweet with almonds. In this mini pie recipe, a sprinkling of almonds along with the sugar that is sprinkled on top of the crust might help to reduce the rush of sugar when you eat these sweet mini cherry pies. Of course, another way to help, is to ensure that you do not eat these pies on an empty stomach, but after a meal, and then, not to eat too many of them. Easy does it, as they say, but enjoy it while you do.

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