Mini Chicken Meatball Pasta and Vegetable Soup

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Try this fabulous Mini Chicken Meatball Pasta and Vegetable Soup recipe, which offers a well balanced and delicious meal for your family tonight. This Mini Chicken Meatball Pasta and Vegetable Soup recipe delivers plenty of veggies, pasta, cheese and meat that will fill up all the people sitting at your dinner table tonight. They will love the blend of cheese and chicken as well as the great pasta and spinach. And these are only some of the veggies that make this filling and terrific soup. Serve it with a great big hunk of some bread that you make from scratch and everyone will dig right in and gobble this up for dinner tonight.

This dish takes a bit of time to prepare, in part because of the two different parts that make up this Mini Chicken Meatball Pasta and Vegetable Soup recipe, but also because you make the meatballs from scratch. This is a great idea. It is not difficult, and will improve the quality of the meal tremendously over purchasing the meatballs at your local grocery store. This recipe might be worth using the French technique of preparing a meal, known as mise en place. This expression means to put in to place. It is used in various fields, but originates in baking. That is the method that bakers use to ensure two things. First, by putting all of the ingredients in front of you while you bake or cook you know that you have all of them and have not forgotten to buy something before you begin. Second, you will not miss adding something if you have all of the ingredients that you need for this Mini Chicken Meatball Pasta and Vegetable Soup recipe in order in front of you as you make the soup.

So this method can ensure that this soup will come together for you easily and well. You could also make one part of the recipe, and have your up and coming cook make up the other part. That method would also speed up the work, and make the whole recipe come together a bit more easily. As well, replace the canola oil with olive oil for better flavor and more nutrition. Olive oil, when it is extra virgin olive oil, contains more than a dozen anti-oxidants in it. So choose olive oil wherever you can for best nutrition. This is a filling and delicious soup recipe that everyone in the family will enjoy. It is action packed with great veggies, pasta, cheese, meat and other ingredients to help it produce a wonderful balance of taste, color and texture. This recipe will appeal to everyone in the family and really hit the hunger spot.

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