Mini Chicken Pot Pie

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Here is a kid oriented recipe for a Mini Chicken Pot Pie that not only will they love to eat, but with only a little help and oversight, they may even be able to make themselves. This recipe, as our terrific recipe creator and blogger, Princess Pinky Girl, comments, is really more about assembling the parts and baking them than it is about actually making something. And for people just learning to cook, this kind of recipe is a perfect place to start.

The nice thing about contemporary foods is how so many of them are prepared for us, and we can just pick them up at the grocery store, bring them home, and assemble them and pop them in the oven. Voila! A meal in minutes. This modern convenience is also great to help bring young cooks along in the kitchen. This recipe is just one example where all the ingredients have been prepared, and your job is to assemble them and bake them for dinner. For young cooks, just putting the things together is challenging enough as a first effort in the kitchen. Have fun with your up and coming cooks with this recipe.

This recipe for Mini Chicken Pot Pie is also eminently affordable. It may not be as quick as it could be if you decide to have young people helping, but so what? Take the time to prepare these pot pies as the website instructs (and the photos help a lot and the step by step instructions make everything easy peasy) and you will have mini pies that will please everyone. Why not try to bake some for dinner tonight? Everyone will enjoy this great idea from Princess Pinky Girl.

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