Mini Chocolate and Nutella Pie Recipe

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This is a lovely, rich and fluffy Mini Chocolate and Nutella Pie Recipe that will thrill you with just how pretty it is to look at once it is put together. It uses a commercial pie crust recipe to make things go a bit faster; however, since you have to roll and cut the pie crust to get enough crust for the mini pies, why not make a home made crust? It is easy to do, and the flavor is inimitable.

The recipe has three parts, the crust, the filling, and a garnish, which should not be missed. This recipe includes nutella, still a relatively unknown food in North America. Nutella blends toasted hazelnuts, which have a particularly deep and earthy flavor with chocolate, usually semi-sweet, to create a lovely spread. Like all nuts, hazelnuts have plenty of good nutrition in terms of its vitamins and minerals. Some times the nutella recipe also includes milk or milk powder and so it can be quite a rich and delicious topping or spread. Its uses are as broad as chocolate itself. In this recipe, the nutella is blended with whipped topping, cream cheese, and other ingredients to create a very fluffy filling. Consider using real cream for the whipped topping, as that will dramatically improve the flavor of the filling. The filling does not require any baking, so it does come together quickly. Be sure the cream cheese is sufficiently warm so that it blends easily with the whipped cream. Chocolate is also chopped and sprinkled on top. Consider looking for a hazelnut chocolate bar to use for this purpose to reinforce the nutella flavor in the filling.

This is a lovely and light (not in calories or fat, just in flavor) mini pie that is pretty enough to serve on special occasions. In fact, our blogger and recipe creator made these Mini Chocolate and Nutella Pies for a birthday, a great time to make something this pretty and festive. Enjoy them when you can.

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