Mini Coconut Pecan Bundt Cakes

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The Mini Coconut Pecan Bundt Cakes recipe that helps you to create these wonderful individual cakes will become one that you go to often, whenever you wish to serve something special at the dinner table to guests, friends and family who might be there. It is a really simple Bundt cakes recipe that uses a commercial cake mix as well as commercial vanilla pudding to make this a quick and easy thing to put together. Add a few extra ingredients to improve the texture and taste of the entire thing, and voila, dessert is ready. And these little treats are made in individual pans so you are actually making a mini coconut pecan Bundt cakes recipe.

Pecan Bundt cakes recipes, at least this particular one, draw on both pecans and coconut to get their delicious flavor. Pecans are a wonderful nut that you can use in cooking sweets such as cakes and cookies and they do not fail you here. They emphasize the light flavor of the cake and add just a slight and tender bite from the nut as well as a great sweetness that is their characteristic taste. And plenty of them get added, so you will really notice the pecan flavor throughout these little Bundt cakes. The coconut is also a big part of this Bundt cakes recipe, perhaps even more so than the pecans. More than three cups of coconut can be found in this cake recipe, so you had better like the flavor of that ingredient if you are planning to make it for you and the family. Of course, these cakes are so pretty with the way the coconut is pressed in to the frosting that you make that you may just want to make and give them away as gifts, or serve them as a very special dessert when friends, guests and relatives come over for a visit.

The frosting used for this recipe is the standard cream cheese frosting, a light and tangy blend of cream cheese, butter and sugar, among other ingredients. The coconut is patted on afterwards and pressed lightly in to the Bundt cake so that the whole thing looks light and feathery and very visually appealing. It will be a wonderfully festive dessert to serve at your dinner table. It takes no time to put this cake together because it is a cake mix. The additional ingredients of pecans and coconut help to make the dessert a bit more festive and tasty. Try it out, or let one of the aspiring bakers in the household step in to the kitchen for the day to practice their culinary skills with an easy recipe. Enjoy making this Mini Coconut Pecan Bundt Cakes recipe with the kids.

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