Mini Eggnog Doughnut Muffins

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Try this Mini Eggnog Doughnut Muffins recipe, and see if you can decide whether you are eating a doughnut or a muffin. As recipes collide more and more often, in configurations such as this mini eggnog doughnut muffin recipe, it can get hard to know and understand just what makes a doughnut, well, a doughnut, and how that sweet is different from a muffin. Perhaps it does not matter what you are eating, but how good the eating is. In this particular recipe, the eating is going to be delicious. This mini eggnog doughnut muffins recipe is a quick bread that is enriched with eggnog, made with brown sugar and spiced up lightly with nutmeg. So the flavors (and the smell) of this doughnut muffins recipe will delight everyone in the family who gets to eat some of them. In addition, this mini eggnog doughnut muffins recipe adds a great glaze that, if you make it thin enough, the little ones can help you to spread (or dip) on the doughnut muffins.

This recipe is quick and easy to make. Unlike classic doughnuts that are often made with yeast, this recipe uses a quick leavening agent. In that way, the doughnut more closely resembles a muffin, which is more often made using baking soda or baking powder rather than yeast. This recipe does include eggs and other ingredients that will result in a more cake like sweet. As well, this recipe includes a glaze that will make this recipe seem more like a sweet doughnut than a robust muffin. So together these two desserts, a doughnut and a muffin, come together rather well in this combination.

You could even hand off this recipe to your up and coming baker to make this for the family, or even as a Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast treat. Served with fresh fruit and some yogurt and this doughnut muffin recipe will be a real hit, make a lovely mid-morning breakfast treat, and be enjoyed by everyone who eats some of them. Or, you could serve this on any morning, and be glad that the kids grab one of the doughnut muffins as she or he races out the door. This snack food sure beats any thing they might buy at the local pizzeria, or corner store outlet.

This recipe is robust enough that you could substitute whole-wheat flour for part of the regular white flour that this recipe calls for. The brown sugar and eggnog as well as the seasoning of nutmeg are powerful flavors that work well with the nutty and buttery flavor of whole wheat. Substitute one cup of whole wheat in this recipe for one cup of the white flour.

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