Mini Homemade Snowball Donuts

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Enjoy this Mini Homemade Snowball Donuts recipe, and make donuts covered in lots of icing sugar. Everyone enjoys a mini anything, and donuts that are tiny, sometimes seem to be especially fun. Add the ton of icing sugar, and now this mini homemade snowball donuts recipe is especially special and extra yummy. Little ones will really like it for the icing sugar, which always adds a special charm to whatever dish or dessert it is used in.

This recipe found on the site, Chocolate Covered Katie, shows how you can make this Mini Homemade Snowball Donuts recipe without added sugar. For people who must avoid sugar, such as diabetics or border line diabetics, this is a great option. The snowball donuts recipe will be quite different when it is made using these artificial sugars, but that might be the only way that someone who cannot eat sugar can enjoy this type of dessert. There are also three different flour suggestions made by the recipe developer including spelt or gluten free in addition to the usual white flour. These two alternatives provide options for people who do not want to eat white flour (because it is a simple carbohydrate that reacts in the body in the same way as sugar). So you can make this donut recipe with either spelt, an ancient flour with a unique flavor, or any gluten free flour that you might pick up. And there are many varieties of gluten free flours out there now, and you might even be able to pick some up at your local grocery store.

This recipe is simple to make, whether you follow the usual white flour and white sugar version of this recipe, or whether you choose to make one of the alternatives that are suggested. The donuts do need to be baked in to a mini donut pan, but you can pick one of these up (usually) at a local bulk food store or a specialty bake shop. They are not expensive, and they can come in very handy for making snacks and treats such as this one. So you can have your young bakers come in to the kitchen and either help you out when you decide to make these donuts or even hand over the keys to the kitchen so they can attempt these little donuts all by themselves. Either way, they are easy and quick to make, and do not require any special ingredients if you make the standard recipe that is provided on the site. So let the kids have at it, and you can put your feet up. Try out this recipe whenever you want to make something fun for everyone in the family.

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