Mini Sour Cream Apple Pies

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The thing about a recipe for Mini Sour Cream Apple Pies is that now you have to eat more to get enough of them! Sour cream is a surprising mate to apple pies that complements the tartness of the apple wonderfully well. You might not expect two such similarly sharp flavors to work so well together, but they do. This is an easy recipe to pull together since it starts with a premade crust. Make your own if you prefer and have the time; the home made flavor is always superior to a commercial purchase. Still, when time slips away from you and you must get some thing pulled together, commercial ingredients can make the task quicker and easier.

Apples are a fabulous food, often over looked for sexier fruit that is in the lime light. But very few fruit really match apples for their nutrition or their diversity in the kitchen. Apples are a good souce of fiber if you keep the skin on (learn to eat even baked apples this way; it is so good for you). Even if you do not, apples help to regulate blood sugar levels and can be a great moderator in helping to prevent spikes in your blood sugar levels. As well, apples are full of vitamin C and plenty of other vitamins and minerals that help your body stay strong and healthy. Eating apples in their whole form is also the best way to get all of these great nutritional benefits, so keep the skin on when you bake them. A light streusel forms part of the dressing for this little pie. Streusel is a topping that originated in northern Europe and has become increasingly popular here in North America. At its most fundamental, streusel is a slightly nutty blend of butter, flour and sugar that bakes in to a crisp and lightly crunchy, slightly sweet and buttery topping. It is much lighter than icing or glaze, and in that respect, reflects northern European tastes for sweets that are less sweet than what we often eat in North America.

In any case, this little pie will be a tender filling because of the sour cream and tart and bright with fresh apples. The topping gives a bit of crunch, and the sultry and rich pastry crust complements the whole thing. Enjoy this recipe today.

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