Mint Ice Cream Cookie Cups

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Looking for a nice, cool dessert recipe with a refreshing flavour? These mint ice cream cookie cups are the perfect balance of mint and chocolate with chocolate fudge cookies. For this recipe from Dreyer's Ice Cream, you'll, of course, use Dreyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, with some mint fudge cookies and a fudgy frosting. For the fudge frosting, you'll use heavy cream and chocolate chips. You could also make these yummy, easy desserts using other flavours of their ice cream too. They have all sorts of flavours including classic vanilla which is great to go alongside plenty of dessert recipes like fruit pies and crumbles. They also have classic chocolate which is always nice on its own. Plus they have fun flavours like Rocky Road, Birthday Cake, Butter Pecan, Chocolate chip, Washington Apple Pie, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and more. They even have options with reduced sugar, slow churned cream and even frozen yoghurt for a healthier treat. They also partner with Nestle to bring you ice cream that includes yummy chocolate bars in it for ready-made easy desserts.

Dreyers Ice Cream has been a favourite brand of ice cream in the United States since 1928 making up some of the best ice cream recipes out there. It started with William Dreyer who was an ice cream maker and a candy maker Joseph Edy who together created Dreyer’s and EDY'S® Ice Cream by putting their recipes together. They had ice cream trucks with huge blocks of ice inside to keep all of the ice cream cold and fresh. They came up with their first original ice cream flavour recipe in 1929. At that time, everyone was having a rough time during the great depression. Dreyer made the first batch of rocky road ice cream by cutting up marshmallows with scissors and chopping up some walnuts to add to his chocolate ice cream. They named the ice cream Rocky Road to make people smile about something during a hard time. Rocky road ice cream continues to be a favourite flavour for many and there are different recipes for it made by different brands. In 1948 William Dreyer built an ice cream plant in Oakland, CA. By 1977 Dreyer's Ice Cream was purchased by T. Gary Rogers and William F.Cronk and they expanded to the east coast so now people all over America could enjoy Dreyer's Ice Cream.

Then, in 1982 cookies and cream ice cream was invented by John Harrison who was the official ice cream taster and in 1987 premium light ice cream was created with 93% fat-free ice cream. In 2005 they created Slow Churned light ice cream with non-fat milk and a bit of cream. So this ice cream would have half the fat and a third of the calories than their full fat ice cream. Ten years later in 2015, they created Dreyer’s Frozen Custard which is a super thick ice cream made with milk and cream. They also have recipes for their ice creams that use the simplest ingredients possible. Because simple is always better. Now the website also includes their own fun dessert recipes that you can try out with their ice cream. You could also try making these easy desserts with another ice cream brand too if nowhere in your area sells Dreyer's Ice Cream. You could also do a healthier spin on this recipe by using gluten free chocolate cookies with a dairy-free ice cream like soy, almond or coconut ice cream. Then, just make the fudge icing with some vegan chocolate chips and some coconut cream. Enjoy trying out this recipe for mint ice cream cookie cups and see if you like them. Then try out some of the other dessert recipes that catch your eye on their website.***

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