Mocha Brownie Ice Cream Cake

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Could anything meet your chocolate desires better than a Mocha Brownie ice cream cake? It meets all the needs for rich, sweet, cold and satisfying. This cake is also made using a specialized pan, a spring form pan. When you see the cake’s photos at the Life Love and Sugar website, you may be intimidated by the beauty of it, as well as all its layers. Don’t be intimidated. A cake like this one is meant to be made with friends (so you can eat it together, later). It has four separate parts that are then brought together in the spring form pan and chilled before cutting in to it to reveal the fabulous layering of mocha, cream, and frosting. It’s a fantastic cake, and one that can be lots of fun to make with a friend or two (or three or four . . . ). Any way you make it, everyone who sees it will gasp at just how pretty it is.

There are so many special things about this dessert. The ice cream uses espresso and also Kahlua to create a very rich and creamy ice cream. The ice cream is not the usual stuff that comes to mind, so don’t be concerned that you have to make true ice cream. This simple substitute is great. The recipe calls for cool whip or other pre-made cream, but if you are going to all the lengths of making this cake, use real whipped cream. There really is no substitute. Don’t skip the parchment paper, even if you have to buy a roll before you make this cake. Parchment paper is one of the best baking inventions ever, ensuring that things don’t stick in their pans.

Try this recipe when you and a friend or three have time to pull this together. It is a fabulous dessert that will really wow your family and friends.

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