Mocha Fudge Cake

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This recipe uses coffee to underscore and enhance the chocolate in this lovely Mocha Fudge Cake, a must try recipe for you this week. The photos on the site will show you just how pretty this little cake is. Served with a ganache means the cake will also have plenty of visual style and class, a perfect dessert for friends and family when they drop by, or for you, when you take a tea break late in the day.

Various chocolates are also used through the cake and the glaze and that contributes nice depth of flavor in this recipe. It is not a difficult cake to make, and new bakers might want to try their hand at it. The website photos also show this cake decorated with a bit of whipped cream. Try your hand at this decorating method, which makes the cake even more appealing. And make up plenty of whipped cream. A cake like this one really benefits from the complementary flavor of cream.

This is a great cake that is quick and easy to make. And chocolate cake is the queen of all cakes, really, for its unique and fabulous flavor, however it is concocted. With this particular recipe, even a beginning baker can produce a great cake for the family tonight. It uses different varieties of chocolate to create depth as well as coffee, which also produces lovely flavor notes that work well with chocolate. Brown sugar works the same way to produce caramel notes that taste terrific. Even if today was not a baking day, take some time to check out the website. If this recipe is not for you, there are plenty more that you can choose from. Enjoy.

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