Moist Strawberry and Coconut Cake

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Try a unique fruit combination and make this moist strawberry and coconut cake for your family today. It blends the tart and tangy flavor of strawberries and the sultry and rich taste of coconut. The strawberries are fresh or frozen, and either will produce a great flavor in the cake as well as a soft blush of color that kids will find fun to eat. And you can feel good that it’s color from a natural food source, not an additive. The coconut flavor is infused throughout the cake by adding a coconut milk blend once the cake is cook and putting shredded coconut in to the frosting. So with both flavors, strawberry and coconut, their tastes are layered throughout this dish using natural ingredients. That means a fresh and flavorful dessert that you can be happy to serve.

The recipe calls for castor sugar, but regular sugar can be used. Castor sugar is sugar that has been very finely ground. If you have a food grinder or even a good food processor, you can grind your sugar before working with it. Or, just blend the butter and sugar for much longer, between five and eight minutes, to ensure a creamy and airy blend before adding the remainder of the ingredients. This recipe also offers the option to use ready whip instead of hand whipped cream. But if you have gone to all the trouble to make this cake from scratch, treat yourself and your family to real whipped cream. Nothing beats the flavor of real cream. If you do choose to use real cream, whip about three tablespoons of sugar in to about two cups of cream, add one teaspoon of vanilla and whip until thick. The strawberries and coconut sprinkles will look fabulous on the bed of real whipped cream.

This is a great recipe using fresh strawberries and coconut. That will make a cake with terrific flavor. Chill well before serving.

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